Chop Shop – Lowry

Casual Urban

Refined Casual American Cuisine

Skillfully Crafted – Quickly Served

Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery is one of Denver’s premier chef driven fast casual / quick serve restaurants. Chop Shop was created with the idea that we deserve better options whether on the go or hanging out. We believe that great food doesn’t need all the complications of full service restaurant, and it should be comfortable enough to stay, hang out and enjoy a few adult beverages. Chop Shop also believes it is important as a restaurant, to make the smallest footprint as possible on the planet. We use sustainable bamboo as most of our plateware, reclaimed wine bottles as glasses, reclaimed wood for our tables, washcloths in our bathrooms, as well as real linens for our dine in customers. Our beverage program also utilizes reloadable kegs which dramatically cuts down on our glass use.

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Meet Our Team

Clint Wangsnes

As the owner and Executive chef of Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery, Clint brings more than two decades of culinary experience to the table. As a Colorado Native, he understands the importance of sourcing locally, supporting local farms, as well as supporting sustainable fishery practices. He has a passion for bringing fresh quality ingredients and putting his own eclectic twist on them. Clint brings the highest standards to everything he does and understands the importance of bringing fresh, healthy ingredients to his menus.

Christian Anderson

Owner/General Manager
A native of Madison Connecticut, Christian came to Denver to pursue a degree in International Business from the University of Denver. Christian began his career as a beverage consultant, and has spent the last six years representing one of Colorado’s most innovative beverage distributor companies. While developing his knowledge of beer wine and spirits, he cultivated a passion for Denver’s ever evolving food scene and began building his vision of a much more approachable style of dining. He then joined forces with Clint and Chop Shop was born.